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What Do I Qualify For?

Getting approved for a loan has changed dramatically in the past year due to new government and industry requirements. Understanding “How Much You Qualify For” is only half the answer and could end up costing you a bundle. Learn the distinction between “How” and “What”

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Free E-Book: 10 Steps for Home Buying Success

Don’t be the norm! Avoid the pitfalls that sabotage and cost buyers thousands of dollars every day. This in-depth report will open your eyes and educate you. A Savvy Buyer is an Informed Buyer!

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Free E-Book: 1st Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home can be overwhelming and costly if you make a mistake. Learn the "In's" & "Out's" and "Do's" & Don'ts" of purchasing your first home.

This book is a condensed, easy to follow, guide .straight from my home buyer's seminar that was taught to hundreds of individuals over a five year period.


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Buyer Profile Tool

 Do you really want to spend hours and hours combing through the MLS?

Searching the MLS on your own is helpful, but is time consuming, and cumbersome. Our powerful search program will search the entire MLS based upon an in-depth customized program that is far beyond what internet sites allow you to do. Wake up each morning to a custom email list of homes that meets your exact needs.


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About HomeBuyAtlanta

HomeBuyAtlanta is your one stop reference to assist with the largest investment most people will make... buying your home. We specialize in assisting homebuyers get their dream home and assisting sellers in finding the perfect homebuyer.

We strive at making the process as easy as we can by informing and educating you no matter what stage of the homebuying process you are in.

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