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1st Time Homebuyers

Should You Buy or Rent?

This certainly seems to be a great question these days. For decades owning your home truly was part of “The American Dream”. Buying a home used to be considered by many to be a wise investment because over the years real estate typically increased in value. In fact, one’s equity in their home was often the greatest asset they owned…even more than their retirement savings.

Purchasing a home should first and foremost be to meet your lifestyle and enjoyment needs. Of course you need to approach your purchase as an investment, but understand that real estate should be viewed more from a long term perspective.

As it relates to your home being an investment, I firmly believe that you have before you the opportunity of a lifetime. Nowhere in the past 30 years have we seen “The Perfect Storm” that equates to an unbelievable opportunity for home buyers and in particular first time home buyers. This “perfect storm” is a combination of unbelievable prices on homes and interest rates that are at 40 year lows.

In addition to having the personal satisfaction of achieving “The American Dream” you have the opportunity to build equity at a faster pace while receiving tax incentives. While there is a cost to maintain a home, most individuals believe it is still well worth it.

So Where Do You Start?

Right Here, Right Now! Request our Free “E-Book for the 1st Time Home Buyer”.

In this book you will learn the answers to many key questions such as:
1. The “In’s & Out’s” and “Do’s & Don’ts” of the Home Buying Process.
2. What exactly is a Mortgage and How Does it Work?
3. The 5 Mortgage Myths
4. How to Find the Perfect Home & Negotiate the Best Deal.
5. Do You Really Need a Realtor? At What Cost?

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